19 - 20 February 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central

Dr. Frank Heibel

Founder & Director
Doc Frank

1:50 PM Global Signalling Technology in Australia: The Approach and Trends for the Future of Rail

Recent findings reveal that the global market for train control management and systems will forecast to grow and be worth US$5.01bn by 2024. The investments in Australia are already apparent, but will involve new approaches to implementing the new technology and project a successful future for rail in Australia. In this session, Frank will deliver an overview on global trends and the impact it will have in Australia in the next five to ten years.

  • Shared lessons on systems architecture: Working together to handle interoperability of train control systems interstate
  • Higher degrees of automation: Bringing new systems into services and avoiding massive disruptions
  • The future of ETCS and CBTC: What will become of the technology?

8:00 AM Workshop A: Testing and Commissioning in Brownfield Sites: Strategies for Integrating Systems in Existing Networks

Integrating new infrastructure and systems into existing networks has its challenges, particularly when you not only need to consider the testing of it with little disruption as possible, but also ensure consistency with its performance on the network. Globally, many rail organisations have been ambitious in executing their strategies and applications of new technology. In light of the investments in Australia’s current rail network, this workshop will discuss best practice cases for the installation, operation and maintenance of systems in brownfield networks.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Identifying the systems that best align to your objectives and existing railway infrastructure
  • Evaluating the client side and supplier side and how to work effectively together to understand the responsibilities in testing and commissioning
  • Exploring the risk appetite for managing the transition from old to new and preparing for its affect with staff and the public
  • From tunneling, skytrains and onto the main line – Understanding what needs to be done to maintain consistency between all lines and prepare for future network change


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