19 - 20 February 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central

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A look at Transport for NSW’s newly integrated ATP system and their Long-term Transport Master Plan

As Australian cities grow in both size and density, train throughput is becoming increasingly important to commuter and freight rail. To meet this increasing demand, the rail industry is moving away from traditional blindside signaling and paper-graph scheduling and towards automation and digitisation.Ahead of Train Control Management Systems 2017... Read More

Facilitating Innovation While Maintaining Safety Across Australia's Rail Network

Ahead of Train Control Management Systems 2017 we chat to Simon Foster, Executive Director – Technical, at the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR), an independent body in charge of enforcing safe rail operations and promoting national rail safety. Simon shares how the ONRSR facilitates and supports innovation in rail operations... Read More

Increasing Throughput, Safety and Network Responsiveness through Automation

Increasing Throughput, Safety and Network Responsiveness through Automation was the theme of this year’s Train Control Management Systems conference. Held in Sydney on 28 February-1 March at Dockside, Darling Harbour (located right above the Cockle Bay ‘restaurant strip’) it featured an impressive array of local and international... Read More

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Strategies for Co-Coordinating and Updating India’s Vast Rail Network

In this presentation from Train Control Management Systems 2017, Yogendra Sharma, President of Rail at Adani Power and Mines India explores:The implementation of Passenger Trains Operations SystemsStrategies for using real-time data to coordinate freight and commuter trainsThe challenges of coordinating train control and optimising infrastructure... Read More


Sydney Trains’ Control System Support for Future Growth

In this presentation from Train Control Management Systems 2017 George Gadzuric, Head of Signalling and Control Systems at Sydney Trains explores:An overview of the ATRICS System An overview of ARS capabilities that increase throughputAn overview of ASB Worksite protection capabilities and how it facilitates safety for the worksites established... Read More

Sydney Metro North-West Rail Link: Australia’s First Automated Rail System

In this presentation from Train Control Management Systems 2017 Oliver Fried, Director of Sydney Metro explores:Provide an overview of the rail-links construction so far as well as key learning pointsHow the CBTC system has been tailor-made to suit the needs of the lineDiscuss how the metro plans to integrate the train controls of a... Read More

General Trend Analysis of Telecoms for Train Control and its Potential to be an Integrated System

In this presentation from Train Control Management Systems 2017 Rodrigo Alvarez, Titan ICT Consultant, working at Public Transport Authority WA explores:How future train control systems could be more integrated into telecommunications infrastructure with other rail operations.The risks and benefits of operating on such an integrated systemThe key... Read More

Case Studies

How to Effectively and Efficiently Automate Rail Operations Without Impacting Service

Ahead of Train Control Management Systems 2017 we chat to Carlos Esquiroz, Director of Engineering and Maintenance at Metro de Madrid in Spain. Metro de Madrid (MdM) is one of the fastest growing networks in the world, spanning 294 kilometers and over 300 stations. Carlos shares how MdM has successfully doubled the number of trains operating on... Read More