14 - 15 February, 2019 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

Conference Day Two: 15th February 2019


9:00 am - 9:10 am Opening Remarks Conference Chair Person

Sue McCarrey - CEO, National Rail Safety Regulator

Sue McCarrey

National Rail Safety Regulator

9:10 am - 9:50 am International Keynote: Showcasing the Swiss SmartRail 4.0 Enhance Train

Christoph Frei - IT Manager, SBB
Control and Signalling SBB are using ECTS, localisation, ATO and a Traffic Management System to optimise the network and improve train control and signalling. This session explores how they have implemented Automatic Train Operation and discusses the challenges with implementation, as well as how the SmartRail 4.0 will continue to be smart into the future.

  • Specifying the case study of implementing ECTS, ATO and Traffic Management
  • Discussing the challenges that must be overcome to improve signalling and optimise train networks
  • Improving the network and the continued lessons learned after the project is finished

Christoph Frei

IT Manager

9:50 am - 10:20 am Thought Leadership Session

10:20 am - 10:50 am MORNING TEA

10:50 am - 11:30 am Understanding the operating environment (through pictures)

Malaeka Nadeem - Systems Engineering Manager, Transport for NSW
Similar to the industrial revolution, the digital revolution is changing the way we live our lives. It is hard to imagine how technology will change the way we operator our railways to ensure we transport people and goods safer and more reliably than ever before. Malaeka will be discussion how system models (or pictures) have been utilised to assist in understanding the complexity of how we operate the railway of today, and how we will operate the railway of tomorrow with the introduction of Digital Systems. She will explain how we came about developing these models, the benefits that it can bring, and lessons learnt of applying this approach.

Malaeka Nadeem

Systems Engineering Manager
Transport for NSW

11:30 am - 12:10 pm Reducing Lead Time on Projects Through Streamlining Safety Approval with the National Safety Regulator

Sue McCarrey - CEO, National Rail Safety Regulator
Safety is a major concern for all stakeholders of the rail industry. Organisations are consistently looking for solutions to optimise networks and train control without compromising safety. Sue, the CEO of the National Safety Regulator believes that new technology such as automation and digital actually increases the safety of our rail, however one challenge for organisations is understanding how to progress these changes through the rail safety regulator. This session explores the do’s and don’ts of putting your proposal to the Safety Regulator.

  • Clarifying what the National Safety Regulator is looking for in the management of major projects to prevent delays!
  • Tackling the best practice and lessons learned of what to avoid when going through projects
  • Avoiding getting caught up in the project and forgetting the basics

Sue McCarrey

National Rail Safety Regulator

12:10 pm - 1:10 pm LUNCH

1:10 pm - 1:50 pm Behind the Scenes at Cross River Rail’s $5.4 Billion Project to Implement ETCS L2 and Increase Train Throughput

Andrew Collins - Rail Executive, Cross River Rail
By unlocking the bottleneck at the core of South East Queensland’s transport network, the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project will allow more trains to run more often and will enable a turnup- and-go public transport system. Examine Queensland’s top priority infrastructure project in this case study that takes you from procurement through to the technologies and approaches driving its delivery.

  • Understand the project, the innovative technology to be implemented and the strategies for its delivery
  • Determine how they built a partnership for the project, and the lessons from the project so far
  • Explore the next steps and the future of Cross River Rail

Andrew Collins

Rail Executive
Cross River Rail

This panel explores not just the rail industry’s perception of how we can improve and optimise rail networks, but also the perceptions of stakeholders within the government and transportation of how we can further work together to optimise rail. This session specifically looks at how TCMS can no longer operate in a silo and needs to consider impacts on other organisations, departments and most importantly the customer to improve the experience for everyone.

  • Discussing the impacts of infrastructure improvements and bringing Australia into the next generation
  • Determining how rail and other stakeholders can work together to overcome common issues and communicate more effectively for a better outcome for everyone
  • Driving projects forwards with an understanding of the priorities of stakeholders and how to achieve buy in for projects


Sue McCarrey

National Rail Safety Regulator

Mark Betts

Director of Project Management and Continuous Improvement
Level Crossing Removal Authority


David Screen

General Manager Customer Journeys & Operations
Metro Trains Sydney

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm AFTERNOON TEA

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Creating a Control Centre With a Greenfield Approach To Implement The Most Innovative Technology

Colin Vickery - Interface Manager Network Access & Train Control, National Train Control Centre KiwiRail
This session looks to understand the innovative technology that must be implemented in any state of the art control centre for efficiency gains. Understand not only the best technology to implement, but also explore new training programs and change management strategies to aid the adoption and correct use of this new technology.

  • Planning what technology is required in a brand new train control centre and how it presents a benefit to organisations, as well as discussing the right vendor selection for your project
  • Managing your people when creating new approaches to working, including in training and wider change management to enhance adoption
  • Explaining best practice and lessons learned of implementing the technology in the project

Colin Vickery

Interface Manager Network Access & Train Control
National Train Control Centre KiwiRail

This panel will discuss some of the well known TCMS projects currently occurring in the mining sector and the innovation happening in the industry. They will discuss how they are helping to drive Australia’s economy forwards with the use of rail, including leaps forwards in ETCS, CBTC and automation. They will also discuss the difficulty with train control management systems from a mining perspective, including the complexity of signalling systems with heavy haul rail, long trains and dealing with remote regions.

  • Accelerating Australia’s economy with the use of rail and the role of mining within it
  • Exploring the innovation happening within the mining industry in regards to TCMS and where passenger rail may be able to copy this
  • Addressing safety concern within the mining industry and how to overcome it at a quicker pace


Joel Trouchet

Senior Improvement Analyst Iron Ore / Integrated Production & Remote Operations (IPRO)
BHP Billiton


Stuart Harrison

Head of Rail Operations
Roy Hill

Kevin Lill

Principal Productivity Optimisation, Rail Logistics & Optimisation, Iron Ore
Rio Tinto

4:20 pm - 4:25 pm Closing Remarks from Conference Chairperson

Sue McCarrey - CEO, National Rail Safety Regulator

Sue McCarrey

National Rail Safety Regulator

4:25 pm - 4:25 pm Close of Day Two